Review from Ray Evernham

Ray explains how he uses the CHMS on “The Ghost” and all the other cars they race, saving them valuable time and provides even more accuracy than a tape measure. 


Don Barker explains the simple steps to start measuring your chassis heights within minutes.

  • Turn on the tablet
  • Turn on the sensors (1 click on each button)
  • Open the APP on the tablet
  • Set your zeros
  • Take measurements


Brett Barker reviews the Chassis Height Measuring System and what it comes with.

  • 4 sensors
  • 1 tablet
  • 1 wall power cube
  • 1 charging cord
  • 1 custom carrying case

Parts you may also have:

  • Torsion bar mounts


Introducing the Creative Racing Chassis Height Measuring System which consists of 4 wireless sensors that connect to a tablet  to provide measurements that are:

  1.     Simple and repeatable results!
  2.     Extremely precise accuracy!
  3.     Eliminate human error!
  4.     Save Time

Meet Don Barker

Meet Brett Barker


Whether you race dirt or asphalt, ovals or road courses, this will save you time and be more accurate and repeatable.