Sprint Car System w/ Mounts


Stop laying on the floor and crawling under cars! Make all four frame height measurements wirelessly in less than 3 seconds!!

The Creative Racing Products Chassis Height Measuring System (CHMS), allows users to wirelessly, accurately and quickly measure chassis heights and easily save the data to recall later or to compare with a current live setup. Once the sensors are placed under the desired location of the chassis, measurements are taken with the press of a button on the tablet. Your measurements appear on the screen in seconds. View your measurements in English, Metric, 2 decimal places, 3 decimal place or pick from 1/32”, 1/16” or 1/8” fractional displays. Back up of your data happens automatically so you never loose a thing. Setting up on scale pads? No problem; our CHMS lets you zero out the height of the pad and save it. If you have a setup plate, then you want our magnetic bases so you can stick the sensors to the bottom of the frame rail. So stop laying on the ground estimating your chassis heights, and start knowing your heights in seconds with the unmatched speed and accuracy of CHMS. The CHMS works and is easy to use, because it was engineered BY racers, FOR racers.

Simple and repeatable results!
Extremely precise accuracy.
Eliminate human error!

*Depends on conditions. Accuracy is greater at lower distances.
*Accuracy in ideal conditions is as low as ±0.005” from 1.750” – 24.000”
*Certain conditions could result in accuracy greater than ±0.015”

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