What does the Chassis Height Measuring System (CHMS) come with?

  • Each system comes with: 4 sensors, 1 tablet, 1 wall power cube, 1 charging cord in a custom carrying case.
  • Each sensor has: 1 Thermistor, 2 sensors, 1 laser, 1 led, 1 button, 2 magnets (if magnetic floor option chosen)
  • The sprint car package comes with magnetic floors and torsion bar mounts or round tubing mounts.
See our unboxing video

How to use the sensor?

  • 1 Click to turn on
  • Hold button for laser to align under chassis
  • 3 Clicks to zero sensors (only if using scales)
  • 5 clicks to turn off

How to get everything connected?

  • Turn on the tablet by holding the button on the side for 6 seconds. (Make sure tablet has been charged)
  • Turn on the sensors (1 click on each button – LED will blink once to confirm)
  • Press CRP-CHMS app icon on tablet
  • It will automatically connect and you are ready to take measurements

How to take measurements with car on the Ground

  • Turn tablet and sensors on “get connected”
  • Place sensors on the ground and use laser (push and hold button) to line up under frame rail for all 4 corners
    • If you have the magnetic floor option, stick the sensors to the frame rail where you want to measure pointing at the ground
  • On the tablet, push “Take a reading”
  • Now you can make adjustments on the car.
  • Take a reading to show the chassis height changes. 
CHMS Take reading

Taking measurements with car on scales

  • Turn tablet and sensors on “get connected”
  • Level your scales to each other and each side to side and front to back.  *This is a very important step and imperative for accurate and repeatable results.
  • Place all sensors on the ground positioned where you want to take height readings.
  • Roll car off scales
  • Place straight edge or level on scale to extend over the sensor
  • Triple click button (led will flash 3 times and voice on tablet with confirm by saying “corner zeroed”
  • Repeat zero for remaining 3 corners
  • On tablet, push save zeros and name it and push okay. 
  • Roll car back onto scales
  • If you have magnetic option, stick sensors to Frame
  • Take a reading by hitting button on tablet
  • Make adjustments
  • Take new reading